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3 Critical Keys to Setting a Resolution that Sticks!

Brian Calkins - NSCA-CPT, ACE | Cincinnati, Ohio

Each year millions of Americans set resolutions in a spirit of creating a positive new habit or ending an old, potentially harmful one. Most resolutions center on enhancing health, losing weight or improving fitness. Although success in creating a new lifestyle habit is absolutely possible, many resolutions are abandoned before the goal is achieved.

Regular exercise and consuming quality nutrition offers unlimited benefits – improved sleep and relaxation, reduction in stress, elevated mood, better performance during work and play, enhanced self confidence, increased energy and enthusiasm for life, weight management and a general sense of well being. All it takes is getting started and being consistent, then a positive momentum takes over.

Below are the 3 critical steps that, in my experience, determines the long term success of implementing a new lifestyle or resolution.

1. Use the power of “WHY?” Unless you know "Why?" you desire to embark upon a new habit of exercising and eating right, it is too easy to quit once the "voices" inside your head begin to tell you that you can’t. Write down and embellish on your top 3 reasons why YOU want to get fit, improve your health, energy and vitality. Review your reasons every day to remind yourself of the powerful reasons you’re enhancing your lifestyle.

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2. Set realistic goals! The American mentality, especially when it comes to fitness and weight loss, seems to be “all or nothing”. Instead of saying I’m going to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, set obtainable goals. The American Medical Association and American Dietetic Association both agree that 1 - 2 pounds is all someone can permanently lose in a week. Shoot for 4 – 6 pounds per month and you won’t set yourself up for failure.

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3. Make it Fun! Let’s face it, if we hate the fitness or weight loss program we’re on we just won’t stick to it, no matter how hard we try. Find a program that you enjoy – there are unlimited options out there. If you enjoy the social aspect of exercise, then join a group program such as a boot camp. If you enjoy playing sports, find an adult sports league. If you like hiking, join a hiking group. Remember what it was like to be a kid - you could ride your bicycle 8 miles round trip to your favorite playground or run around with your best friend all day long. Act like a kid with your fitness, find something you enjoy and the benefits will follow!

Write down your reasons WHY you want to get fit, set goals that are achievable and make sure you find a fitness routine that is fun! When you follow these keys, success in achieving your 2008 fitness resolution becomes significantly greater.

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