My Fitness Plan - Getting Started!



Making exercise fun is the key to keeping it an ongoing part of your life. This guide includes a simple process to help you get the most from the exercise you'll enjoy most! When you enjoy fitness, you stick with it!


So here we go! Start by printing and filling out these worksheets —


First, you'll figure out what feelings & goals can motivate you, you'll create an empowering lifestyle/fitness vision, determine what activities you like to do, and how you can free up time for fitness. Then, you'll plan your fitness schedule so exercising becomes part of your weekly routine...leading to a healthier, happier & more productive you!


Worksheet - Focus on Fitness

My Fitness Motivators and Health Benefits
Think of some positive motivators that make you want to improve your fitness. What are some ways your life will get better? Check off and write in your top motivators and benefits. Review the power of why to help you discover your motivators: more energy Stress from my body a healthier and stronger heart excess weight/Manage my weight my overall health

My Everyday Activities
You can move your body more by increasing your everyday activities, like walking instead of getting a ride. Check off and list some of your favorite everyday activities . instead of taking the bus the stairs instead of the elevator my room with extra zing

My Other Physical Activities
Other ways of exercising are physical activities like riding your bike or playing a sport. These activities require more of your energy. Check off or list some other physical activities you enjoy. my bike instead of getting a ride to my favorite tunes

My Time to Get Fit
To exercise more than you already are, you need to make room in your busy schedule. Think about where you can fit in a few extra workouts. Check off or list some strategies that will help you make time for fitness. work-out dates on my calendar social & fitness — exercise with a friend or a group a fitness boot camp, small group fitness program or hire a personal trainer one more workout per week (if you're currently working out) TV and internet time in half

My Fitness Goals
Having clear goals can be a great motivator, and help you keep you focused. Check off or write in your top three fitness goals for the next month. more energy a new sport a new dance or aerobics class a boot camp program a sports team a walking or jogging club with friends outdoors and get fresh air my self esteem good care of my health fun with fitness a friend to double my fun

Good job! You’ve finished your worksheet! Now you’re on your way to getting started with your new fitness lifestyle. Use this worksheet in the creating your vision and refining your goals using the SMART process below.



What is your Fitness or Wellness Vision? How do you want to live?


Here are some questions to think about when designing a new Fitness or Lifestyle vision:

  1. What are the top three values in your life?

  2. How is your wellness linked to these values?

  3. What motivators are important enough to you to overcome your obstacles and meet your goals?

  4. What would you like more of (or less of) in your life and how is this linked to your wellness?

  5. What excites you?

  6. How is this linked to your wellness?

  7. What are your passions, the things you really love to do?

Examples of Personal Fitness/Wellness Visions...

Create your own vision here...

My Vision:











Change is not always associated with sacrifice. Accomplished goals become regular habits.

Examples of Personal Fitness & Wellness Goals


Create your top goals here...

My My Major Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Goal








Life Issues/Happiness:




What to do to stay successful.


o    Always, write it down!

o    Visit your vision daily. Your goals are not unchecked “New Years Resolutions” without a plan.

o    Who is part of my team for success and will help me stay accountable?

o    What can I do to have fun in this process?

o    What “SMART Tools” will help you increase your motivation by making the process easier. (For example use a trainer, purchase a pedometer or free weights, attend a nutrition workshop, stock your pantry with healthy foods, etc.)


Break your goals into smaller, SMART Goals

Break down your goals into small measurable, attainable and achievable steps.

Is my Goal Specific? Does it answer what, where and when?

Is my Goal Measurable? At the end of the week was your goal(s) accomplished?

Is my Goal Achievable? Can you complete the objectives you set for the week?

Is my Goal Relevant? Is it the beginning step towards my Fitness & Wellness Vision?

Is my Goal Timely? Does my goal answer when will I do this?


First Week GOALS:










Life Issue:




Congratulate yourself. It was your ability to define your action plan and accomplish your goals.


Week 2-4 GOALS:










Life Issue:




Small daily investments in your health and fitness creates confidence and energy. You look, feel, think and perform better.


3 Month GOALS:










Life Issue:



For each period of goals, review daily and decide what worked, what needs more time, what was challenging and where you can progress. Make a 3 month commitment to your plan. That’s when the changes you made begin to last. Believe in feeling good!


Congratulations! You thought about & created your health and fitness vision, you’ve created your exercise goals and you’ve planned some fun fitness activities. By completing these three worksheets, you’ve taken a big step towards becoming healthier and fit. Be proud of yourself, and keep up the good work!



Worksheet - Planning for Fitness



After you’ve created your fitness schedule on this worksheet, it’s a good idea to mark the days that you plan to exercise on your own calendar or planner. Put this worksheet someplace where you’ll see it everyday, as a reminder of what’s coming up.


Day, Date and Time


















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