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Client Success Stories...

Are You Ready to Get into The Best Shape of Your Life?

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2006 Personal Trainer of the Year Says...

"Brian is a trainer that understands more than exercise - he understands how to make exercise a part of your life. He cares not just about making the most effective exercise program, he cares about making a program that works for your goals and works to make you better in every other area of life. When you are more fit, you are a better worker, spouse, friend, parent - a better person overall. Brian also is keenly aware of the fact that you have many responsibilities and interests outside of your exercise program that place demands on you. He helps you find the right amount of exercise for the time you have so you can maximize your fitness efforts for maximum results without having workouts take over your life. He cares about your workout program, but more importantly, he cares how well it fits your life. 

If I lived in Cincinnati, Brian would be my trainer!"

Jonathan Ross
- Washington, DC - 2006 Personal Trainer of the Year, American Council on Exercise -

The State of Ohio Senate Says...

"You are a remarkable individual, for you have combined civic concern and dedication with the utmost professionalism to become a dynamic leader in your field, and this prestigious honor is a fitting tribute to you for you exemplary efforts as a personal trainer. By your admirable devotion to service, you have distinguished yourself as a conscientious and hard-working Ohioan, and you are truly deserving of high praise.

Willingly giving of your time, energy, and abilities far beyond what was required or expected, you have striven to better the world around you and have earned the respect and esteem of colleagues and clients alike. We are certain that in the years to come, you will continue to display the same unwavering commitment to service for which you have become known.

Thus, with sincere pleasure, we commend you on your recent accolade and salute you as one of Ohio's finest citizens."

Senator Doug White, President of the Ohio Senate

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory

Personal Success Stories

"Hi Brian,

Just thought I would give you an update on how I am doing in terms of numbers...

In the beginning of December I was at 29% Body Fat and weighed 134lbs...

As of yesterday, I am at 20% Body Fat and weigh 128lbs. I am extremely pleased with your Complete Fitness Transformation program.

If you remember, I had pretty good success with Body for Life, or so I thought. At the end of that 1st "challenge" I was at 18-19 percent Body Fat, and only 117lbs. I was tired, sore and hungry a lot. I did not know how to eat properly for my growing muscle and I am sure that by the end, I was tearing into muscle tissue for energy. I looked skinny and did not have the muscle I thought I would. Needless to say, it was hard to maintain and after a couple of years, the weight slowly started coming back. Thank goodness I came across your website.

Under your direction, I have come to understand so much more about eating properly and exercise, you have filled in the gaps that you cannot get from reading a diet article or book.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge."

Marianne Gossard, Mason OH


Investing in your Cincinnati Adventure Fitness Boot Camp is the best gift I have ever given myself! I am currently in my 2nd week of my 3rd boot camp and each day keeps getting better. I have to admit I had reservations when I first signed up for my first session. Years ago I had several personal trainers, some were good and some were horrible, and before committing to your Boot Camp I found myself thinking…how is he going to lead all of us as a group? I now know that everyone receives dedicated personal instruction and I couldn't ask for anything more in an exercise program. You keep pushing us to challenge ourselves and Boot Camp is motivating, stimulating and fun…it's has everything my routine with a personal trainers lacked. 

Adventure Boot Camp jumpstarts my day, exercising with the sun rising seems to energize me and make me feel like I can conquer the world. With the daily exercise and following your nutrition program, I have lost weight and I am toning up my body. At the beginning of the first Boot Camp I was wearing a size 12 and two months later I am wearing my size 8's that I have not worn in years! I am 46 years old but feel like I did when I was 30. Where else can you get that for less than $15.00 a day? 

I feel truly blessed that I am strong, confident and healthy women and it's all because of your direction and dedication at Cincinnati Adventure Boot Camp. Thanks for caring, Brian! 

See you at 05:30,
Alicia Spencer

He Called Himself Twice The Man...

"Having had the privilege to work with G.R., a focused and committed weight loss seeker from Portsmouth, Ohio, I realize that I have to share his story with you. In August, 2005 G.R.'s body weight was nearing 440 pounds and by March 29, 2006 his efforts reduced it down to 337 pounds.

G.R. was certainly unique: he traveled over 4 hours to join his fitness group on Saturday mornings. Although he will quickly tell you that he was not perfect with his new lifestyle, he is certainly was committed to it.

G.R. compiled an online journal (or blog), filled with tons of stories and resources, during his time on the Complete Fitness Transformation program. What was most impressive about his writing was that he posted nearly every day...good day or bad, victory or challenge, a healthy day of eating or a binge was all there for the world to read.

His honesty, the challenges he walked through and his commitment to change say all there is to know about G.R. To me, and those who know him, he is a true inspiration."

G.R. Hamm, Portsmouth Ohio

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Dear Brian, >

"Just a note to say thank you. Now that our 16 weeks are officially over I wanted you to know that as of yesterday I have lost 27 pounds! That is great for me. I haven't been able to stick to the exercise 100% the last week or so but I haven't deviated from the way of eating so I think that is what is really helping. I leave for Hilton Head next Sunday and that scares me a little but my plan is to come back and get right back into it. 

Thank you again for being so nice and helping me. It was a great experience for me to prove that I can really still loose this weight even though I'm old! 

Good luck to you and your son in college and also to you and your wife and your new little one on the way."

Toni Brezinski, Monroe OH

"Because of Brian's program I have more toned muscle, & look and feel better now at age 45 than I did at age 30...and I had done a lot of working out on my own back then.

Brian cares a lot about his clients and takes a personal interest in them. He gets a natural high with the improvements his clients make."

Michael Flannery, Cincinnati OH

"Dear Brian: 

I wanted to write to express my appreciation for all that you have done for me over the past year that we have been training together. When I first read your article on Fat Loss in Men's Fitness Magazine, I had all but given up on trying to get back in-shape. Your approach to losing body fat and fitness in general hit a responsive cord with me and so I decided to contact you. 

Well, that contact truly changed my life! Your sixteen week Complete Fitness Transformation Program produced amazing changes in my body and in my attitude toward fitness. I lost body fat, built considerable muscle mass, and experienced a significant increase in my overall energy level. In short, I feel better than I have in twenty years, and I have a fun time working with you every week in the process. What really amazes me is that I eat more food, more often now than ever before – your approach sure beats life long dieting. 

Friends repeatedly ask me what I've been doing, commenting that, somehow, I look younger. By the way, I am 56 years old and BB (Before Brian) never felt very comfortable around weights or gyms and thought "cardio" was a dirty word. 

I would (and have) highly recommend you to anyone. All I can say to those skeptics out there is: 

Brian's program works. He will develop a specific workout plan for you (using his fitness transformation programmed approach) as he did for me. A workout plan that will be tailored to help you meet your individual fitness goals. Take it from me, you will be amazed at what can be accomplished in as little as one hour a day for 16 weeks. 

Brian, you HAVE made a big difference for me. I feel great and actually look forward to my daily workouts. I STILL can't believe that! 

Again, thank you for all that you have done for me. I owe you big time!!" 

John J. De Stefano, Senior Partner - PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP 

Note: Not so long ago, John carried nearly 300 pounds on his 5'5" frame. Today, he is delighted to weigh 167 pounds. More importantly, John has newfound energy, health and enthusiasm for life...and best of all, he now has the knowledge that he will use for the rest of his life.

2004 Personal Trainer of the Year Says...

"Brian's genuine passion for helping people get fit and make positive lifestyle changes is among the very best in the entire fitness industry. He continually over delivers on his promises, which is quite rare today! Brian consistently succeeds in best serving the Cincinnati community as its leading fitness professional. The programs he incorporates are proven to produce the very best results. Anyone who hires a trainer from HealthStyle Fitness is guaranteed to have positive results well beyond changing their physical body."

Kelli Calabrese - 2004 Personal Trainer of the Year, Author, International Fitness Presenter, Former Lead Fitness Expert for

"I want to scream it from the mountain tops!! Brian Calkins is the greatest trainer in the world!!!

I am wearing a pair of jeans I haven't worn in 2 years!!!

And I am not squished into them. They really fit!!!

I am a true believer!!!"

Sue Burrows - Madeira City Schools

"I need to tell you that I ran today on the treadmill for 16 minutes. That is the first time in my life I've been able to last that long. I almost cried last night when you said I had to stay in the zone for that long but I did it!

Thanks for your great support. You are changing my world! I feel great, my clothes fit beautifully and I have a ton of energy but not only the physical, I feel fabulous inside. For the first time I am believing I really can accomplish anything. Okay, sorry, I'm a little passionate today but I just feel like a million bucks!"

Madonna Kohnen, PHC Group, Inc.

"Hey Brian, I made it through my 45 minutes on the treadmill, yes of course that was in my THZ! I am surprised to say it was so much easier than I thought it would be, the first 15 minutes were tough, but I could have gone longer. Your program has been really awesome for me so far, I truly can not imagine what my results will be when the 16 weeks are finished (after 7 weeks), I have worked out for a long time and have never had this great of results. I really feel like I look pretty good, which is something you would seldom hear me say about myself. THANKS !!!!! "

Julie Hogan, Mother of 2 Young Children

"I finally got on a scale yesterday... primarily because all of my pants and belts no longer fit. So... I was curious to see if my lean muscle weight gain had matched my fat weight loss. Findings -- Net loss of over 10 pounds (after 6 weeks on the CFT program)! I'm trying on pants I haven't worn in 15 years and they are fitting pretty good - a little out of style but hey, they fit!"

John Nunan, Consultant & Runner

Author and Nationally Recognized Physical Therapist Says...

"Brian Calkins is a leading authority in the fitness industry today. His knowledge of training and tireless dedication to his profession make him one of the best trainers in the country. Whether mastering small group weight loss training through his unique "Complete Fitness Transformation" series or teaching personal trainers how to maximize their abilities, Brian is always on the cutting edge and leading the way to excellence. I am proud to call him a friend and colleague. He has directly contributed to the success of my own career, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to be their absolute best."

Brian Schiff, Physical Therapist, Author, Trainer to Professional Athletes

(Mr. Schiff is the author of several shoulder and knee rehabilitation books, the head trainer for a professional sports team, and runs a very successful fitness business and physical therapy clinic in Columbus, Ohio. More information available at )

"Hey Brian

I just want to let you know how fortunate I feel to be training with you. Since I've been working out with you—it's more than two years now—I feel stronger and healthier and I'm sure I have more stamina. I've also noticed that my posture is better and my muscles are solid, which is a very good thing in us middle-aged folk. Beyond all this, you've certainly inspired me to participate in more exercise on my own, which I enjoy very much. Encouraging people to develop better habits is a gentle skill you have mastered. 

In a very concrete way, I especially appreciate the targeted training you developed for me after my knee surgery; all that effort surely paid off as my knee slowly returned to normal. When I play golf or hike in the Colorado Rockies, I know that I owe a lot of my stability and strength to you, Brian. 

You're a font of excellent information and your enthusiasm is totally contagious. Even the lunges don't seem too awful when we're consumed in some interesting conversation. I'm not eager to become a senior citizen, but when I am one I still expect to be working out with you. (You'll be older too, you know.)"

Mary Lou Motl, Custom Editorial Productions

February 16, 2006 (Update From Mary Lou)

"Dear Brian,

One day next month I'll be celebrating five years of working out with you. During all that time, you have contributed tremendously to my health and fitness and been an outstanding resource for fitness-related information.

Never having been an athlete, I would not have believed that I would cheerfully work out twice a week with a personal trainer for five years. That whole notion only applies to other people, not me. But here I am. And I'm certain that I am in significantly better shape, thanks to you. At this point, I cannot imagine giving up my workouts. You've become indispensable.

I appreciate your efforts to keep the workouts interesting, to try new approaches and new exercises, and to engage in worthwhile and sometimes hilarious conversations while we go through the routines. As one ages, it may take more daily attention to remain healthy, but I know that your well-thought-out workouts are contributing greatly to my efforts to be firm, fit, and flexible. 

Thank you, Brian. I feel very fortunate to be working with you. I wish you huge success with HealthStyle Fitness and I have no doubt at all that you will achieve your ambitious goals."

Sincerely yours,
Mary Lou Motl, Custom Editorial Productions
July 11, 2006

"Dear Brian,

I sat down and read your letter this evening. I have to say, I think you are the most enthusiastic and sincere person. Your integrity shines in everything you say and do.

Brian, a year ago I came along with Donn, not too enthused to say the least. My life has done a complete turnaround.

I exercise every day or at least 5 days a week. I am eating better than I have ever eaten and you have taught me so much about labels, advertising, sugar, whole grains, etc. etc.

Brian, my back is stronger, my arthritis isn't bothering me any more and my tummy is getting under control. It's all true just like the article you sent.

I never thought at this stage in my life (53 years young!) I would take on exercising, running and all of that. I truly had given up. I figured I was just going to let menopause win.

I do feel I can stop by your place or email you and ask for a tweak on some of my exercises or food questions.

I have my mission statement on my fridge and read it every day. I feel a little guilty because I am only lifting 3 times a week. I think I am going back to 6 times a week in the fall. I so believe in your weight program. I just needed a little break. But I am feeling it calling me back.

But for now, I am enjoying walking/running in my neighborhood. I am so glad I went through your program twice. You miss so much the first time. I also loved the grocery shopping experience with Ashley. It truly made me aware of portions.

You have a terrific team and I wish you the best. I will stop by some time soon, just to say hi.

Thank you for all your support. I don't want our friendship to end either. You are an upstanding guy, I only wish you had a younger brother for my daughter.

She is working out at Golds Gym, I'd like to think my lifestyle change had a little to do with that.

Have a great day."

Your #1 Fan,Sue Burrows

"I would highly recommend the personal training and exercise programs offered by Brian Calkins at HealthStyle Fitness.

Brian has been working in our community since 1999, offering both group exercise classes and one on one personal training in our Health Club. Both of these classes are always well attended by a large number of participants. 

One of Brian's best assets is his ability to work so well with a varying degree of physical conditions, in a way that benefits so many participants.

In short, Brian Calkins has been a wonderful addition to our Wellness Programs!"

Karen Corso, Cottingham

"I have been involved with Brian and his unique "Complete Fitness Transformation" program for going on 2yrs. I have lost weight, gained muscle, and feel generally much better. I find it hard to believe that I actually LOOK FORWARD to class which I take twice weekly. Brian is one of the very bright spots in my life, and I know his success will evolve and continue, and I plan to enjoy his positive influence in my life for a long time to come. Brian would be an asset to your weight loss program. You need him!"

Dianna Lamb - Grandmother

"I began working with Brian in mid January, 2001. His compassion, for his work and helping others improve their life, worked as excellent motivation for me. Brain developed a program that helped me to strengthen my entire muscular and cardiovascular systems. In doing so, I was provided with enhancements to my physical and physiological being.

After a long battle with my condition, I was back to doing the things I had dreamed about that I thought I would never be able to do again. The walk through the park up and down hills for four miles. That first walk was a celebration. I am very grateful for the improvements in my golf game this year. I have four golf trips scheduled for this year. I feel like a new person with a new lease on life.

Should you give Brain a try? Do you want to improve the quality of your life? Do you want to feel young again? Do you want to lose unnecessary body fat? Do you want to do some of the physical activities you haven't done in years? Do you want to have more energy? Do you just want to feel better about yourself? THEN DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY !!"

Donna J. Russelburg, USPS Executive

"I have had the unique opportunity to train with Brian Calkins for 3 full years now. In working with Brian in both one-on-one sessions and group settings, I find him to be innovative and knowledgeable. Unlike other experiences I have had in the past, I am never intimidated in training with Brian and the workout always seems fresh. Brian is always actively engaged with me and continues to teach me new exercises and approaches to a healthy lifestyle. 

Over the course of time I have been working with Brian, I have increased both my strength and stamina. I truly enjoy looking back in Brian's records at the progress I have made! Brian has helped me manage through two injuries giving me alternative exercises when necessary and working to re-build the strength once on the mend. 

I have successfully recommended Brian to many of my friends and a group of us are growing and getting healthy together. We realize through Brian that fitness is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle forever. His guidance & training gives you strength, energy and enthusiasm. Brian Calkins has helped improve my quality of life."

Carolyn Armstrong, The Andrews Jergens Co.

"This is to commend Brian Calkins for the work he is doing. He leads clients through a program of exercise that promotes the wellness of each participant, workouts that stress range of motion and flexibility. If you are considering a wellness or exercise program, I heartily recommend that you consider Brian. I am certain you will benefit from his skills and person."

Joe Hatchett, Mt. Healthy Christian Home

"I had not exercised in years because I never felt I had the time. Deciding to make the time and work with Brian was one of the best decisions I made all year. It was my first big step to a healthier & leaner me... and best of all, most of the time, it's fun!"

Mari Opatz-Muni, Opera Singer and Professor

"Brian has helped me build muscle and gain strength in the areas needed, so that now, after almost ten years of low back problems, I can honestly say, my back no longer gets in the way of living life to the fullest. I also have more energy, and take better care of myself due to all the useful information Brian has given me during our training sessions."

Jean Berger, Heart To Heart Co-Founder

"I'm writing this to anyone who is serious about becoming more physically fit and improving their overall health. I am a forty year old man. I exercise fairly often and I know quite a bit about nutrition. I must tell you that I am also 75 pounds overweight, have high blood pressure, and have not felt good for many years. 

I met Brian Calkins nine months ago at a seminar that we were both attending. I listened to him talk about his programs and his vision on several occasions and I was very impressed with what he had to say. I purchased Brian's book "Burn Body Fat the Right Way" and after reading it I knew that he could help me. I went to Brian and told him that I wanted to hire him to train me. I explained that I had tried diets and exercise programs in the past and had not experienced much long term success. He listened while I told him my story and took notes. I told Brian that I wanted to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, and just simply feel better overall. Brian customized a training program for me based on what I said. We also had a very frank discussion about nutrition and he told me that I wouldn't get the maximum benefit from my efforts unless I made some major changes of my eating habits. He could not have been more right. 

My training regimen would consist of a combination of both strength training and cardiovascular work outs. He also gave me a journal to log my daily exercise and nutritional intake. The journal also has some great suggestions for meals. I began working with him about four months ago. After my first month on the program I had lost twelve pounds and four percent of body fat!!! I was lifting significantly more weight. My sessions on the tread mill were getting easier and easier. The biggest difference for me was in the way I felt. I felt stronger & I had much more energy. I had a self confidence that spilled over into other parts of my life. I have continued to make improvements since that first month. 

Brian is a complete professional in every sense of the word and has a genuine passion for what he does. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is serious about becoming more physically and spiritually fit."

Jim Wohl - Restaurant Entrepreneur