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FREE Health & Fitness Seminar!

TO: All Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Residents
FROM: Brian Calkins, President of HealthStyle Fitness, INC.
WHAT: Special FREE Tele-Seminar to Help You Get The Results You Seek
WHEN: Thursday, September 13th, 2007 at 6:00PM
WHERE: HealthStyle Fitness Private Studio - 4325 Red Bank Road

"How To Achieve Your Health, Fitness & Weight Management Goals, Without All the Struggle of the Past"

As a service to my fellow Cincinnatians I am very excited to be offering the first of its kind seminar to the first 10 people who register.
(UPDATE = Only 2 Spots Remaining)

And the best part is...the 90-minute educational & empowerment Seminar will be 100% FREE!

Why am I offering a FREE Seminar?

Well, after hearing me talk at a local company, a guest in the audience urged me to "get this valuable information out to as many Cincinnatians as humanly possible". And because I know the information my clients get in working with our team of personal trainers has been changing their lives for 8 years now, I want to make the information we share available to anyone.

If you're looking to change your body, your health, your energy, stress levels, outlook on life...then this is the PERFECT opportunity for you!

Just simply sign up below by sending me an email with your name and address.

Please hurry to secure your spot. We have recently been featured in full length articles in The Cincinnati Business Courier and CiN Weekly. So a lot of Cincinnatians are getting the same OPPORTUNITY to join me at our upcoming seminar.

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(Remember, please include your first and last name, your home address and your home phone number for verification. That's it! All you have to do come in, sit back and listen...and discover the simple steps for life long health, fitness and weight loss empowerment!)

See you there! Below is the outline of the Tele-seminar:

How To Achieve Your Health, Fitness & Weight Management Goals, Without All the Struggle of the Past

  1. Thank You, Welcome & Introduction of Brian
  2. What People Have Tried In the Past - The Reasons for Fitness & Weight Management Failure
  3. 3 prerequisites to Achieving Your Health, Fitness and Weight Management Goals
  4. The Solution - What Works for Everyone
  5. The Simple Steps to Elevate Metabolism, Manage Your Weight & Feel Great
  6. How to Make Sure Your Cardiovascular Exercise Burns Fat
  7. Resistance Training that Gets Results
  8. The 8 Simple Steps to Achieve Optimal Results

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