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Jillian Michaels' New Treadmill

We have to battle the American Marketing Machine.  Bowflex tells us we can look like a 23 year old fitness model with three 20 minute workouts per week (in just six weeks)!

Jillian Michaels' new treadmill burns "5X the calories" of regular treadmills "just by walking". 

Suzanne Summers promised killer thighs by squeezing her device for 3 minutes a day. 

And of course, you can Shake a Weight for 2 minutes and get killer arms just in time for spring. 

The same is true with food manufacturers. They don't care about your health ... they care about selling products. 

So they come in Green, Natural, Low-Fat, with Net-Carbs, No Carbs, Low Carbs, No Added Sugars, Fat Free, and they Boost Energy, Melt Fat, and Rev up your Metabolism.

Your body burns fat.  Healthy Foods that look on your plate like they did in nature supply energy and elevate metabolism. 

Packaged foods, regardless of how pretty they look at the store, kill your energy, lower metabolism, and promote weight gain.

Consider, if someone's day includes just these items...

  • Breakfast

    a bottled Frappuccino (hey no whipped cream, it MUST be healthier!)

    Activia yogurt

    Strawberry-yogurt Granola Bar

  • Mid-day snack of

    130 calorie pack Snackwells Caramel Popcorn


    Vitamin Water

  • After dinner dessert of

    ½ Cup Graeter's Lemon Sorbet (40 grams sugar)


...she's consumed 176 grams of Added Sugar!! (65 grams for Breakfast, 71 for the snack, 40 for the Sorbet).  

And all of these items (except sorbet) are marketed as healthy. 

This doesn't even include any real food for lunch and dinner ... AND that combo is why the "average" American eats about a half pound of sugar per day.

Which is why nearly 70% of America is now overweight or obsese. 

It's not the food manufacturers fault, nor the fault of unscrupulous fitness equipment companies.  Hype sellls and is abundant in America.

Awareness is the key to healthy nutrition and healthy body weight.  With awareness, we then can take back control, and make better choices.  :)