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It's Not About the Food!

Brian Calkins - NSCA-CPT, ACE | Cincinnati, Ohio

Ok, let's assume that we assembled the most amazing group of scientists, trainers, doctors and nutritionists to provide the exact amount of calories, percentage of carbohydrates, fat and proteins and the most specific training routine that would absolutely guarantee the most amazing health, energy and body that biochemistry allows.

And remember: It's guaranteed, it can't fail.

Know what would happen?

The vast majority of people wouldn't follow it.

Don't believe me? Think about all the people that you know that have "put" themselves in the hospital because of smoking, lack of exercise or a lifestyle of poor eating. They've had heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, suffered from obesity, or have been burdened with cancer.

And not only do they know how to change their maladies, they know and believe this is what they need to do to change their conditions.

How many do it?

Surprisingly, very few.

Why is it so hard for us to make a change?

1. Our habits! Over the years we have become so incredibly ingrained in our eating habits and our lifestyle patterns that it takes an incredible desire to change our path.

2. We aren't ready for the tough times! It's not hard to start - many do, but it so often happens: life gets in the way, it gets tough, the challenge becomes overwhelming and we quit.


Because quitting is easy and staying the course is tough.

Habits are so powerful that unless we have:

  • A concrete plan
  • An overwhelming desire, and
  • Take immediate and massive action, we simply don't receive a positive result

And then again, what happens? We often quit out of frustration!

So, in some respects, meal planning and what we eat is more about changing your lifestyle habits and less about the food you eat.

Sure, you have to know which foods are supportive of improving your health, fitness, energy and body. But even if you know what to eat, if the foods aren't around when it's time to eat, McDonalds rears its ugly head and we wander aimlessly like zombies through the golden arches.

Let's again assume that you have the most bullet proof eating plan in the world and hang it on your fridge. It may as well be a blank piece of paper unless you use it. And so many people have the plan, they just don't use it.

  • Ever wake up late and hit the door without even thinking about eating breakfast?
  • How about when your boss asks you to join him for lunch and you consider it rude to say no?
  • How about those late evenings picking up your children at their 4 different practices and now it's 8 pm and you haven't even thought about eating?

My advice is this: plan for the unplanned.

So then when life throws you a curveball (which happens almost every day) you have food in place that turns that crazy pitch into a Ken Griffey, Jr. homerun.

Most of my very successful clients will admit that the planning stage of their journey was their #1 reason for success.

Plan for the unplanned, get the proper foods, and then eat them! You will be amazed by how your workouts now start to have the positive effect on your health, energy and body that you've always expected.

Don't underestimate your nutritional plan.

And never underestimate the planning stage.

For the nutrition planning strategies that my successful clients have used, visit the following link: click here for nutrition planning strategies

Your friend in fitness,