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Design Your Life - The Next 90 Days!

Brian Calkins - NSCA-CPT, ACE | Cincinnati, Ohio

The next 90 Days are yours to design. If it feels as if you've been heading in a disempowering direction, if every day feels similar to the day before, and you feel as if your goals are moving farther and farther away, you can change that this very minute. All you have to do is change your mind.

If you question whether you have the ability to change, I understand. Human nature leads us to develop safe habits and to repeat behaviors that tend to limit our potential for growth. With an understanding of the limiting factors, your entire perspective can shift in a moment. I guarantee that if you're frustrated with your exercise or fitness outcomes, a simple mindset adjustment is in order. I absolutely know you can change, the question is . . . will you prove it to yourself?

Here's my promise.

If you're living in a body that isn't quite the body you desire, or if your health or energy is compromised in any way, the next 90 days can change your life so dramatically you'll have a hard time believing you waited so long to make changes.

Your future comes down to three things:

  1. Your willingness to believe positive change is possible
  2. A sound technology for finding improvement
  3. Empowering choices

90 Days from Today it is possible to have lost a significant amount of body fat, enough so that others see what they perceive to be a radical change.

90 Days from Today your energy can be exponentially higher than it is today.

90 Days from Today your sense of well being and the confidence you feel can be incredible.

90 Days from Today you can live in a leaner, more toned body if you so desire.

90 Days from Today you can be shopping for new clothes enjoying the reflection in the dressing room mirror.

90 Days from Today you can move with greater ease, handle the daily routines of life effortlessly, and surprise yourself with a new vitality.

90 Days from Today, while you will chronologically be older, you can actually be living in a body that is biologically younger and better than the one you live in right now.

90 Days from Today you might also be less conditioned, increasingly tired, maximally stressed, distraught, and wondering why you're so "stuck."

90 Days from Today will be here . . . in precisely 90 days whether you like it or not. Why not like it? You have the choice, but in order to gain control, in order to make certain 90 Days from Today leaves you smiling from ear to ear, begin with a decision and an action.

90 Days from Today will arrive. Design your outcome, or roll with the tide. It's your call.

Don’t wait. Make a decision right now to change and then follow that decision with one simple action step.

To help you get started on designing your next 90 Days, click here to discover your very own powerful reasons WHY you want to get fit, improve your health, energy and vitality!

Here’s to 2012, your best year ever!