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Look and Feel Great in 2012

Brian Calkins - NSCA-CPT, ACE | Cincinnati, Ohio

Our culture has some crazy rituals and the New Year’s Resolution tops the list. Think about it, come January many of us think of something we want to change or improve and declare this to be the year. I applaud the desire for change, but why do we feel compelled to put the change off until a new year? And why do so many of these resolutions come up short?

This year, instead of falling into the trap of setting a short term resolution, let’s get started today in creating a lasting change. And if you’re looking for a change in your health, energy, fitness or waistline, here are the tips to look and feel in 2012.


What?  Me eat better?  If you are like most of us, you think, “Ugh!”  But without proper nutrition your workout routines simply don’t have the sufficient energy to create effective change.

  • You’ve Got to Eat!  Most dieters (78% of America is on a diet at any one time!) reduce caloric intake too aggressively, leading to a slowdown in metabolism.   For long term, healthy weight loss, feed your body appropriately and strive for a small daily calorie deficit.

  • Eat More Often to Lose Weight!  Eating one or two meals a day is one of the best ways to stall your weight loss efforts.  In my studio, we teach clients that fueling your body with 5-6 small meals each is one of the most important aspects of effective weight loss.  Yes, it takes some planning and a little discipline to achieve, but after an initial effort it’ll become part of the new you.

Cardiovascular Exercise

  • How Long Should I Workout?  Short 20-30 minute higher intensity interval workouts have been shown to be as beneficial as 60 minutes of slow exercise.  Long and slow cardio is okay too, provided you have the time.  Most days I prefer the shorter, little bit more intense version as I’m busy just like you.
  • What’s the best mode of cardio exercise?  The one that you like to do.  Your fat cells, heart and lungs don’t care what the outside of your body is doing. 
  • Use The 20 Minute Solution – Warm up slowly for five minutes, then over the next 15 minutes alternate between higher intensity for one minute, followed by one minute of lower intensity.  Now, when you go hard… GO HARD (assuming you are in good health)!  This workout is relative to each individual as “Hard” to a 20 year old, college athlete is different than a 50 year old first time exerciser.  Four to five sessions per week will create enviable fitness in just a few short months.

Strength Training

  • I just want to lose weight, won’t lifting make me bulky?  No.  Strength training is critically important for sound health, your ability to physically and mentally function well in life, and reducing excess body fat.
  • How Often Should I Workout?  3-4 times per week. Keep the rest between sets short (30-45 seconds) and like your cardio routine, keep the entire workout short and sweet (no more than 40-45 minutes in the gym).
  • Don’t skip the strength training!  Dieting and cardio only create a smaller version of your current shape.  Add in strength training and you’ll develop a leaner, toner, healthier and energized body that will cause your friends to take notice. 

 Take action today and you too can look and feel great in 2012!

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